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I-Vocedu – Innovativel Vocational Education. Based on the German Education System following the Industry 4.0 concept

Welcome to our Internet Home!

i-Vocedu is a platform which is improving vocational education in China. Our concept is based on the German vocational education model and is combining this proved model with the idea of internet+ which can improve the efficiency and flexibility of learning for our learners and teachers. In this combination we provide our partners the most advanced teaching methods, the newest teaching tools and media.

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Your I-Vocedu Team

German System

We are using Benchmark Systems

Our System is based on the German Vocational Education System, we working in cooperation with our German partners and adapting to the Chinese market situation. We are using an Internationalized system standardized for all vocations supporting a career path for Chinese students in the future.

Successful Projects

Our projects are successful and sustainable

Our projects in vocational education are running since 15 years successfully in the market. We want to have sustainabiliy and continous development in the Chinese market and suitable solutions for the potential talents for the industry.

System and Platform

We are using existing and proved Systems

Our systems and processes are based on the German vocational education model and on the training methods of the German automobile industry. Our infrastructure gives us the opportunity to offer you a supporting network country wide.

Latest News

Our Product

I-Vocedu develops the first vocational education system which is providing a standardized qualification system based on the German dual education system using internet + technologies country-wide in China.

Our Total Solution is including 6 modules which enable vocational schools to improve the quality of vocational education to meet the requirements of the industry and provide more opportunities for students to develop their career.

We providing professional employees from the industry in China and Germany to developing and implementing high level training for vocational schools. Our specialists helping vocational schools to improve there entire training environment from the equipment to the teachers. Our training and consulting is based on our industry experience a brings your school closer to the real needs of the futures employers of the students.

Our Quality Management System ensures a 360° view to all factors and processes in the school operation business. Our target is to deliver quality based on the German vocational education system and based on the professional requirements of the industry.

Management Team

International Mindset for Chinese Education

We are a group of dynamic characters who coming from a very different background, have one thing in common: extremely devoted to education in the skill-oriented area.

We are representing a unique synergy which gives us a competitive advantage in the vocational education service space.

Our chief officers have 100 years experience combined in university and college service, training, teaching, coaching and learning management and services. We are coming from Germany, United Staates and China.

We, in the past, were renowned industry experts or globally qualified trainers or executives of internationally recognized automotive companies or training companies. We have all served Chinese vocational schools and colleges, we are aware very well of the gap between the student skill-set and employer requirements.

Because we have seen the both sides of the world and we understand the application of international know-how in China, now we join hands togetherby bringing resources from overseas and domestic industries, academics, learning technologies as well as creative contents. We are ready to be at your service for the dream of creating Chinese intelligent skillful workers.

Our Experts

Take Advantege of our Experience

Michael Zhang

Director Product Development

  • 22 years experience in world-top brand auto makers
  • Qualified executive and training assessor of Audi China
  • Teachers training expert of Audi China

Justin An

Director Sales & Marketing Training

  • Oversees education and work experience in the automotive industry
  • Management and training experience in top dealerships
  • New product implementation and management

Xin Qin

Specialist Technical Training

  • 24 years experience in the automotive teaching area
  • Professional technical trainer and patent holder
  • Publish a series of technical thesis papers

Qi Donghua

Specialist Technical Training

  • 8 years experience in the automotive industry
  • Honored trainer and award winner in Mercedes and BMW in technical training
  • Course development for automotive distributers

Victor Mu

Specialist Technical Training

  • Over 10 years experience in automotive teaching and training
  • Technical director and In-house trainer
  • Project manager and training developer in the automotive industry

Our Resources

We are using the German Vocational Education system for our system. That means, more interactivity, more practical work, more quality to meet the industry standards.

Our System and philosophy is based on the German vocational education model. Of course a one to one implementation of the German vocational education model is not possible since the preconditions and the Chinese regulations not prepared for it but what we can do is to implement the German system in a suitable way to the Chinese environment. The major advantage of the German vocational education system is it´s focus on practical skills and the orientation to the requirements of the industry. Our product portfolio is providing a system which is covering these parts and which is using internet+ technologies in addition to make use of the learning technologies which are available at the moment.

Our world-wide partners helping us to devleloping our courses and services to our clients. Especially in the vocational education we are working together with German schools and companies which gives us the professional background for our development.

HWK Erfurt – Certification and Quality

In Germany, there are IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)and HWK (The Chamber of Crafts); large sized organizations like auto makers belong to IHK; and the Chamber of Crafts represents the interests of the handicraft, i.e. those small and mid-sized companies. As with all professional chambers, this is a mandatory membership with compulsory contributions.   All HWKs work harmoniously in different locations throughout Germany under one system, they are the backbone of the German economy and play a significant role in the labor market and for the economic stability.

The HWK Erfurt is one of the most recognized chambers among all 53 regional chambers; our relationship with HWK Erfurt traces back more than one decade ago in training. Today, by co-operating with HWK Erfurt in IVE’s new business model, we provide training and certificates for:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Assessors

ZF Friedrichshafen AG – High Voltage Training

ZF Friedrichshafen AG is a worldwide supplier of driveline and chassis technology for cars and commercial vehicles. It is also involved in rail, marine, defense and aviaton industries, as well as general industrial applicatons. ZF has 230 producton locatons in 40 countries with approximately 138,000 employees.

Currently, ZF Friedrichshafen AG is focusing on the development of high-voltage drive train and autonomous driving technologies. In cooperaton with ZF Friedrichshafen AG, we are developing educatonal paths for high-voltage technologies and electric vehicles.

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