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2017 Life-Long Learning and Modern Education Services Summit

2017 Life-Long Learning and Modern Education Services Summit On November 23, 2017, the 2017 Lifelong Learning and Modern Education Service Summit hosted by Open Education was held in the ancient capital of Xi’an. Speakers at the forum included foreign friends from UNESCO, Weizmann Institute of Israel and Lucas-Nuelle from Germany. Representatives from China are: Institute […]

OPEN IVE promotes cooperation with ZF Friedrichshafen AG

On November 7, 2017,  here at TCL International E City in Shenzhen, OPEN IVE Innovation and Vocational Education Center had a meeting with ZE Friedrichshafen AG led by Ivan (Managing Director of Asia Regional Service & Operation) to promote future cooperation plan. ZF devotes itself to the supply of automotive technology worldwide. Its products range […]

Establishment of the official Sino-German Vocational Education Association

On October 21, during the World Vocational Education Conference, the Sino-German vocational education association was officially established. After the unveiling ceremony, Ma Qian, vice president of Open Education, conducted a speech with the theme of “New start of Vocational Education in Open.” The unveiling ceremony of the Sino-German Vocational Education Association Ma Qian Vice President […]

Open a new chapter for school-enterprise cooperation

At the trade fair, IVE and vocational schools across the country conducted a full exchange of a complete introduction to our car sales and service, auto testing, maintenance, and E-car. Among them, teacher training and short-term training camp projects are our primary concerns. Currently, many vocational colleges lack in experience and social innovation changes. In […]

Open & Distance Education’s innovative brand IVE and the German HWK Erfurt comes in-depth cooperation

In 2017, in search of innovative vocational education model, to explore the remodeling the spirit of craftsmen, and to develop “Heart and Hand – Creating the Future” as our vision; the independent operation of the new brand of vocational education –IVE was established. Introducing the German “dual teaching system,” with high-quality German institutions, Chinese students […]

IVE debuted at the World Education Conference

On October 19, 2017, the 2017 Education + World Vocational Education Conference, with the theme of “Bright Ideas, Bright Future,” kicked off at the Nanjing International Expo Center. The conference will attract educational institutions and industry authorities from dozens of countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, and Singapore. We are all gathered here […]

Workshop Teacher Qualification

Teacher qualification is the most important and critical issue in any project when developing a high quality vocational education program. Facilities and equipment, which are another “must have” element for successful delivery of vocational courses, are only a question of capital commitment; developing teachers is a time consuming and intensive effort process. Teachers hold the […]

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ITW Schindler E-Car Training

At the “Duale Hochschule Baden Württenberg” we meet Oliver Schindler (CEO) to talk about development and implementation of E-Car training for teachers and students and development of international standards in safety regulations of high voltage technologies for China. An interesting Meeting with specialists from the industry with an future view to what is coming up […]

Australia partners with US and Germany to modernize manufacturing

The German model of “Industry 4.0” is noch only effecting China but also other countries. Australia is also forging stronger ties with Germany in a bid to advance and modernize both countries manufacturing sectors. This is another example how it is getting more and more reality that the 4th phase of the industry is becoming reality. […]