2017 Life-Long Learning and Modern Education Services Summit

2017 Life-Long Learning and Modern Education Services Summit

On November 23, 2017, the 2017 Lifelong Learning and Modern Education Service Summit hosted by Open Education was held in the ancient capital of Xi’an.

Speakers at the forum included foreign friends from UNESCO, Weizmann Institute of Israel and Lucas-Nuelle from Germany. Representatives from China are: Institute of Higher Education, Education Development Research Center of Ministry of Education (China), China Society of Artificial Intelligence Basic Professional Committee, Beijing Normal University Department of Education, China Rural Education Development Institute, Guangdong Open University, Xi’an Jiaotong University experts and scholars to discuss the theme of “transition, international perspective and Chinese innovation.”


The Forum kicked off with the launch of the Xi’an Silk Road International Academy. The Forum reopened the Silk Road, which represents the history of Chinese civilization, and inherited human wisdom through life-long learning. It was organically integrated with the modern needs of the 21st century and was promoted with knowledge of History.

Combining UNESCO’s “2030 Framework for Action” and the “Report on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China”, the forum pointed out that lifelong education at the policy level is an inevitable requirement for building a people-centered learning, life-long learning, and a learning society. Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, from the institutional power to enter the educational power. To be universal, lifelong, open, diversified, personalized, informative and integrated “Internet + Education” will provide opportunities for lifelong learning for all and continuously promote people’s all-round development.

Dynamical evolution

During the summit, domestic and foreign experts and scholars mentioned the “flat organizational structure,” “distributed cognition” theory, from the theoretical level that structural changes have taken place in modern education, knowledge, and information can flow more quickly. Today’s young people are no longer indigenous people in the traditional sense but information-based aborigines, or digital natives, who use the “human brain + external intelligence equipment every day” to become a new humanity combining man and machine, surpassing tradition Individual cognitive limits. People’s cognitive fission, that is, structural changes, is bound to lead to changes in people’s thinking, to adapt to this educational system structure will also be structural changes. In 2017, the total number of mobile Internet devices in the world is already 1.5 times of the total population. “Internet + Education” has become the only way in the world education development.


How to do lifelong education and modern education? Thinking is the fundamental source of innovation and the fundamental driving force. We should adopt a large number of teaching designs, provide space and environment for interaction and deep thinking, encourage controversy, encourage diverse ideas and encourage the expression of different views. Active learning requires technology, supervision, educational support, and interaction between learners and other multi-dimensional factors to achieve.

In order to achieve better education, teachers and scholars are the most crucial. The theory of “teachers with professional capital” is put forward, and teacher education and professional development are discussed from the perspective of professional capital. Innovate the teaching management mechanism from three aspects: teacher’s leadership, data-driven, and accountability system. From the “principal’s management orientation” to “Teacher-oriented governance orientation” transformation.



The current Open Education is in a critical period of transformation, the convening of the forum for the future of the company pointed out the direction of progress and enhanced the development momentum. Zhao Min (CEO), pointed out that the future of Open will focus on the top ten competency projects and make comprehensive innovations from the inside out. To strengthen continuing education, expand vocational education, deepen teacher education and do an excellent job in the IT ecosystem will become a respected leader in the educational field.

(China Institute of Higher Education, vice president of China Association of Adult Education, Open Education CEO Zhao Min)

Focusing on the future to create vocational education strategy template, Zhao Min proposed the integration of quality resources, to create a German standard of vocational education ecosystem. Open Education innovation brand –IVE, the implementation of the German dual system model, to establish the German local teaching quality standards, the establishment of German occupation education, industry-based experts in Germany, with German teachers and management team.

(OPEN’s new innovative brand——IVE )

Stimulated by new ideas and new ideas and new experiences, the forum demonstrated its futuristic side and guided the way we are in the future. We hope that people in the education sector can explore the future direction of education in new technologies and new educational environment and rely on innovation and transformation of lifelong learning system to enhance China’s talent competitiveness. To realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Provide a solid foundation of education.

OPEN IVE promotes cooperation with ZF Friedrichshafen AG

On November 7, 2017,  here at TCL International E City in Shenzhen, OPEN IVE Innovation and Vocational Education Center had a meeting with ZE Friedrichshafen AG led by Ivan (Managing Director of Asia Regional Service & Operation) to promote future cooperation plan.

ZF devotes itself to the supply of automotive technology worldwide. Its products range from drive systems, chassis, steering and braking to the latest electronics, electric vehicles and automotive safety. The company has experienced more than 100 years of development and has continuously pushed new technologies.

Mr. KJ Brix first introduced Open’s education background and IVE’s development ideas. Discussing how the two companies’ future partnership mainly focuses on technical cooperation in the electric vehicles and to analyze the demand for electric vehicle training.

The accelerating demand for electric vehicles in China has brought enormous challenges and opportunities to innovative vocational education. With the two companies joining forces to build the top electric vehicle training network in China.


Establishment of the official Sino-German Vocational Education Association

On October 21, during the World Vocational Education Conference, the Sino-German vocational education association was officially established. After the unveiling ceremony, Ma Qian, vice president of Open Education, conducted a speech with the theme of “New start of Vocational Education in Open.”

The unveiling ceremony of the Sino-German Vocational Education Association

Ma Qian Vice President of Open Education conducting a speech.

According to the research data of China Internet Education Research Institute in 2016, the size of the vocational education market in China is about 600 billion. Behind the sharp increase in the market size of vocational education is the dilemma of domestic colleges and universities enlarging their enrollment, with a significant amount of graduates, employment becomes more and more difficult. According to the statistics, the number of non-employed graduates will exceed over 10 million.

To enlarge and strengthen the vocational education market, it is necessary to cultivate high-quality graduates who are closely integrated with the professional structure and the market demand. At the same time, raise the governance structure of vocational institutions from the inside so that the market mechanism can be brought into full play.

Ma Qian mentioned the birth of the Sino-German Association for Education and Vocational Cooperation, “aiming at boosting the cooperation and development in vocational education and training. Promoting the cooperation between both sides in vocational education. German vocational education industry strategy implementation, the establishment of sustainable vocational education, a new format of cooperation between industry and education. ”

“Strengthening continuing education, expanding vocational education” is a new strategic vision of Open education. To achieve its vision, Open Education has strategically deployed itself from the perspectives of internationalization, collectivization, and industrialization to create an all-encompassing vocational education enterprise and build a respected enterprise in the vocational education industry.

In the strategic layout of the Group’s vocational education business, Open Education will carry out international cooperation in vocational education projects. In 2017, starting with the Sino-German Innovation Vocational Education Automotive Project, next will be the deployment of Israel’s modern agricultural vocational education and Sino-US IT vocational education Other projects.

With the development of the industry and the continuous deepening of cooperation, Open Vocational Education Public Service System will be gradually formed to solve the problems in the design of professional courses. Introduction of well-known enterprise training system, teachers’ professional courses, the declaration of national/provincial level Research topics, counterpart industry/enterprise employment system, the introduction of international education resources, and build training lab/base.

The birth of Sino-German Vocational Education Association marks the new era of vocational education. From working solo to the group work of “service, quality, cooperation and win-win,” we can achieve the goal of “community of interests, a community of responsibility and community of destiny,” which is also the concept of partnership that has always been our philosophy.



Open a new chapter for school-enterprise cooperation

At the trade fair, IVE and vocational schools across the country conducted a full exchange of a complete introduction to our car sales and service, auto testing, maintenance, and E-car. Among them, teacher training and short-term training camp projects are our primary concerns. Currently, many vocational colleges lack in experience and social innovation changes. In the educational environment, teachers from major colleges and universities are facing problems, IVE can provide a total solution for institutions. We create a curriculum system and syllabus according to industry needs and provide practical experience of highly qualified teachers training.

Open & Distance Education’s innovative brand IVE and the German HWK Erfurt comes in-depth cooperation

In 2017, in search of innovative vocational education model, to explore the remodeling the spirit of craftsmen, and to develop “Heart and Hand – Creating the Future” as our vision; the independent operation of the new brand of vocational education –IVE was established. Introducing the German “dual teaching system,” with high-quality German institutions, Chinese students can receive a higher standard of teaching system for the market to cultivate high-end technical personnel.

Mr. Thomas Malcherek, President of HWK Handicraft Association, Germany (left) Mr. Zhao Min, CEO of Open Education (right)

IVE took the lead in the field of automotive training with the German HWK Handicraft Association to establish cooperation projects. The introduction of a large number of German car training resources, such as hiring German experts and German automotive industry standard design courses.

In the standard framework of the German trade association, the course system is implemented in the field of work, and the course design involves the curriculum work situation and tasks. Open education is in complete accordance with this standard, teaching, and training. Under the strict German standard assessment, trainees can be awarded the relevant German HWK Handicraft Association certificate.

On the afternoon of October 20th, Mr. Thomas Malcherek, President of German Handicraft Association and Mr. Zhao Min, CEO of Open Education, had a signing ceremony.

Before the signing ceremony, Mr. Thomas Malcherek accepted an interview; he said he was delighted to cooperate with Open education, this cooperation is historic. Germany HWK Handicraft Association and Open education will work side by side to start the project process according to China’s ministry of education. Together, we will design courses and develop personnel training programs. The cooperation from the automotive industry is just a start; we may carry out more industry cooperation projects in the future. He is looking forward to working with Open and change the ecological environment of China’s vocational education.

The signing ceremony represents a new start. It is a crucial step for IVE to prepare for our future students. After rigorous training processes and assessment, students will be able to receive the certificate, a necessary action to take for international talent growth.


IVE debuted at the World Education Conference

On October 19, 2017, the 2017 Education + World Vocational Education Conference, with the theme of “Bright Ideas, Bright Future,” kicked off at the Nanjing International Expo Center. The conference will attract educational institutions and industry authorities from dozens of countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, United Kingdom, and Singapore. We are all gathered here to share and demonstrate the best practice results of global vocational education, to carry out the development of vocational education in China, to cooperate and exchange of vocational colleges and universities to promote the upgrading of vocational skills.


At the exhibition, IVE – innovative vocational education, our independent operation brand debuted under the largest long-distance education service institution in China: National Center for Open & Distance Education. We are committed to the development of educational skills training for the Chinese vocational education. With our vision of “Heart and Hand, Creating the Future,” together with our German partners, we introduce the pure German vocational education model to create a better education system for Chinese students.