Country promotes “Learning factory 4.0”


The provincial Government supports a “learning factory 4.0 with branches of learning” financed by the federal countries joint task “Improvement of regional economic structures” with around 3.8 million euros. The money flows in the vocational education infrastructure with a focus on digitization and industry 4.0. Thus, the meaning, the attractiveness and quality of dual training in East Westphalia-Lippe should be strengthened.

“We need investment in innovative vocational education institutions. They serve the transfer of new technologies in the economy and thereby support our competitiveness”, so Ministers Duin. “And they make a significant contribution to securing the future demand for qualified professionals for our operations. At the same time we open up career prospects 4.0 young people with the learning factory.”

Within the framework of the project, a space of experience on the subject of digitization creates campus Lemgo on an area of 550 square meters on the grounds of the innovation. “Learning branches” are connected on all four Lippe vocational colleges in Lemgo and Detmold. So dealing with intelligent machines and digital networked processes in vocational schools is conveyed in a most practical learning environment. Learning and spaces of experience the topic of future industry 4.0 be created which prepare for the challenges and changing production and communication processes. Work-related aspects of digitization are almost tangible and perceptible for trainees and young professionals.

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