IVE delegation visited Lucas-Nuelle

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Lucas-Nuelle (LN), located in Kerpen Germany, was founded in 1979 and after 40 years has grown to nearly 350 people today. It doesn’t seem a big sized company in the Chinese business context, but the fact that the 350-person team serves the 170,000-client base from the world amazed us. LN’s annual income is 100 million euros, out which 80% from outside Germany; products and services include development, manufacture and marketing of high-quality, state-of-the-art training systems and education equipment for further and advanced technical, engineering and vocational education.

LN applies industrial technology to vocational education, achieving teaching informatization by integrating theory, simulation and practice. During the visit, the staff demonstrated different simulations such as advanced the production assembly line, the hydraulic system and the automotive electronic system

LN’s simulations make it possible for multi-users to learn and practice simultaneously on its learning platform without the limitation of the workshop or teaching site or maneuverability. Learning in the LN environment truly provides students with job-oriented practice and enable them to develop the skills and experience that industry requires.

We are again impressed by German’s craftsmanship.