Workshop Teacher Qualification

Teacher qualification is the most important and critical issue in any project when developing a high quality vocational education program. Facilities and equipment, which are another “must have” element for successful delivery of vocational courses, are only a question of capital commitment; developing teachers is a time consuming and intensive effort process. Teachers hold the key to creating a workforce meeting the requirements of the highly professional demand; they achieve this result by pedagogical training to our students.

We create programs by involving industry experts, professors specialized in teaching or pedagogical research in vocational education from both China and Germany; our goal is to set the standard in the teacher qualification which meet the industry requirements for the future growth.

Recently in BMW Training Center we held a workshop inviting OEMs, industry training experts, university professors and certification specialists from other industries to brainstorm the certificate training program concept and its organization. At BMW, we found the benchmark training center representing the perfect trainer/teacher learning environment in China.