Open & Distance Education’s innovative brand IVE and the German HWK Erfurt comes in-depth cooperation

In 2017, in search of innovative vocational education model, to explore the remodeling the spirit of craftsmen, and to develop “Heart and Hand – Creating the Future” as our vision; the independent operation of the new brand of vocational education –IVE was established. Introducing the German “dual teaching system,” with high-quality German institutions, Chinese students can receive a higher standard of teaching system for the market to cultivate high-end technical personnel.

Mr. Thomas Malcherek, President of HWK Handicraft Association, Germany (left) Mr. Zhao Min, CEO of Open Education (right)

IVE took the lead in the field of automotive training with the German HWK Handicraft Association to establish cooperation projects. The introduction of a large number of German car training resources, such as hiring German experts and German automotive industry standard design courses.

In the standard framework of the German trade association, the course system is implemented in the field of work, and the course design involves the curriculum work situation and tasks. Open education is in complete accordance with this standard, teaching, and training. Under the strict German standard assessment, trainees can be awarded the relevant German HWK Handicraft Association certificate.

On the afternoon of October 20th, Mr. Thomas Malcherek, President of German Handicraft Association and Mr. Zhao Min, CEO of Open Education, had a signing ceremony.

Before the signing ceremony, Mr. Thomas Malcherek accepted an interview; he said he was delighted to cooperate with Open education, this cooperation is historic. Germany HWK Handicraft Association and Open education will work side by side to start the project process according to China’s ministry of education. Together, we will design courses and develop personnel training programs. The cooperation from the automotive industry is just a start; we may carry out more industry cooperation projects in the future. He is looking forward to working with Open and change the ecological environment of China’s vocational education.

The signing ceremony represents a new start. It is a crucial step for IVE to prepare for our future students. After rigorous training processes and assessment, students will be able to receive the certificate, a necessary action to take for international talent growth.