Establishment of the official Sino-German Vocational Education Association

On October 21, during the World Vocational Education Conference, the Sino-German vocational education association was officially established. After the unveiling ceremony, Ma Qian, vice president of Open Education, conducted a speech with the theme of “New start of Vocational Education in Open.”

The unveiling ceremony of the Sino-German Vocational Education Association

Ma Qian Vice President of Open Education conducting a speech.

According to the research data of China Internet Education Research Institute in 2016, the size of the vocational education market in China is about 600 billion. Behind the sharp increase in the market size of vocational education is the dilemma of domestic colleges and universities enlarging their enrollment, with a significant amount of graduates, employment becomes more and more difficult. According to the statistics, the number of non-employed graduates will exceed over 10 million.

To enlarge and strengthen the vocational education market, it is necessary to cultivate high-quality graduates who are closely integrated with the professional structure and the market demand. At the same time, raise the governance structure of vocational institutions from the inside so that the market mechanism can be brought into full play.

Ma Qian mentioned the birth of the Sino-German Association for Education and Vocational Cooperation, “aiming at boosting the cooperation and development in vocational education and training. Promoting the cooperation between both sides in vocational education. German vocational education industry strategy implementation, the establishment of sustainable vocational education, a new format of cooperation between industry and education. ”

“Strengthening continuing education, expanding vocational education” is a new strategic vision of Open education. To achieve its vision, Open Education has strategically deployed itself from the perspectives of internationalization, collectivization, and industrialization to create an all-encompassing vocational education enterprise and build a respected enterprise in the vocational education industry.

In the strategic layout of the Group’s vocational education business, Open Education will carry out international cooperation in vocational education projects. In 2017, starting with the Sino-German Innovation Vocational Education Automotive Project, next will be the deployment of Israel’s modern agricultural vocational education and Sino-US IT vocational education Other projects.

With the development of the industry and the continuous deepening of cooperation, Open Vocational Education Public Service System will be gradually formed to solve the problems in the design of professional courses. Introduction of well-known enterprise training system, teachers’ professional courses, the declaration of national/provincial level Research topics, counterpart industry/enterprise employment system, the introduction of international education resources, and build training lab/base.

The birth of Sino-German Vocational Education Association marks the new era of vocational education. From working solo to the group work of “service, quality, cooperation and win-win,” we can achieve the goal of “community of interests, a community of responsibility and community of destiny,” which is also the concept of partnership that has always been our philosophy.