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  • 希望集团

    1982 Year



    Founder of Hope Enterprise

    2000 Billion+

    Sales revenue

    In 1982, inspired by the Reform and Opening-up policy, Chen Yuxin (also called Liu Yongmei) resigned from government. Back to his hometown, Gujia village, Xinjin County, Sichuan Province, he founded Yuxin breeding farm. As the business growing, his brothers (Yongyan, Yongxing, and Yonghao) all resigned in succession from government to join him. With 30 years’ hardworking, they have made the unknown breeding farm a TOP 100 Company in China feed industry, TOP 500 Chinese Private Enterprises(ranking first), and then became a flag of Chinese private enterprises.

    The Hope Group consists of four groups, namely Continental Hope, East Hope, West Hope and New Hope, which are managed by Yongyan, Yongxing, Yongyan, Yonghao in turn. Besides agriculture, stockbreeding and food industry, Hope Group also covers aluminum, electronics, real estate, finance and education, with 1000 plus companies at home and abroad, 100 thousand plus staff and annual sales volume over 200 billion CNY.

  • 华西希望集团

    1997 Year


    Agriculture is the

    first main business

    West Hope Group was founded in 1997 by Chen Yuxin, the founder of Hope Group, also the Chairman of the board of Hope Group. West Hope Group has two characteristics: firstly, it doesn’t follow suit or make enemy in choosing industry, it devotes to the renaissance of Chinese economy with long-standing efforts in agriculture. Secondly, it firmly sticks to the concept that the development of enterprise is in essence the human development, and human development first comes to those who are diligent. It always sticks to the enterprise spirit:honesty, wisdom, devotion, excellence, and the enterprise mission: customer satisfaction, business profit, enterprise development, employee improvement.

  • 亚搏app下载集团





    To explore the new mechanism of PE’s faster and better development, in June 2005, Chen Yuxin, the Chairman of the board of West Hope, gave absolute trust to the professional entrepreneurial manager team represented , and founded a special administrative zone, Tequ Group.

    In the following 10 years after its foundation, Tequ Group was developing with a speed that’s several times faster than industry average growth and created a miracle that a small company with only 20 million initial capital and 5 mu land eventually became the bellwether of big agriculture chain. In the end of 2018, Tequ Group has more than 200 affiliated companies which are located in SW,South China,NE,North China and Vietnam, forming a new phase that is based on husbandry, with a coordinated development among husbandry, education, new agriculture, tourism and real estate. Now Tequ is stepping on the path to be a 100 billion scale enterprise.

  • Group Industry

    Feed industry

    After years’ operation and stud yin feed industry,Tequ has made a breakthrough in traditional operation model and founded awin-win model throughout the big agriculturechain. The model is a one-stopservice that centered on the customer value by building comprehensive serviceplatform and providing services ranging from hardware improvement, breedimprovement, feed solution, animal health service, sale of commercial pig, totraining on pig-farming technology. All those make it easy to improve theefficiency and benefit of pig farming.

    Self-orientated as service-type feed companies,Tequ group wins good reputation in public with the system advantages of integratedservice platform. Tequ has set up more than 60 feed companiesat home andabroad, with a two-digit annual increase rate in production and sales, thusbeing No.1 in Sichuan province for successive years. Among all the companies,Chengdu Tequ once sold pig feed more than 50,000M/T per month, taking lead inwhole SW area.

    Hope Education Group

    Hope Education Group was established inOctober 2007. It now has three colleges of Southwest Jiaotong University HopeCollege, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Shanxi Medical UniversityJinci College, Sichuan Tianyi College, Sichuan Hope Automobile VocationalCollege, Sichuan Culture and Media Vocational College. There are 5 vocationalcolleges in Guizhou Applied Technology Vocational College, Sichuan TopInformation Technology Vocational College, and Sichuan Hope AutomobileTechnician College, with more than 80,000 students.

    In July 2016, Everbright Holdings invest inHope Education, and became an important strategic shareholder of HopeEducation. In August 2017, Everbright Holdings once again invested in HopeEducation and was committed to improving the investment development capabilityof Hope Education. On August 3, 2018, Hope Education was successfully listed onthe Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 01765.HK).

    Hope Education will be based on the visionof “Building the First Brand of China'sCivilian Higher Education” and “Happy Learning, Happy Work, and Happy Life”. We attach great importance to the qualityand connotation of colleges and universities, and actively explore privateeducation with the characteristics of Hope Education. The development road andgroup management mode are committed to cultivating all kinds of high-qualityprofessional talents with socialist and professional skills. It has become oneof the most influential private education groups in China.

    The colleges and universities of HopeEducation successively won the prizes of "Best Reputation Awards ofChina's Top Ten Outstanding Private Colleges and Universities","Outstanding Colleges of China's Civilian Higher Education", "Top100 Chinese Education Schools", "China's First-Class IndependentCollege", and "Top Ten National Colleges" School-running units, “National Best Independent College”, and “Influenced Top Ten University Brands in Western ChinaEducation” and many other awards.

    New agricultural investment

    Guizhou Tequ New Agricultural Group Co.,Ltd. was established in 2015, it has 24 subsidiaries and holding companies,after strengthening the feed and aquaculture industry, the group is committedto “Ecological Agriculture”, “Precise Agriculture” and “Smart Agriculture”. Hence to focus on deep development of agricultural big data, usingnew ideas and new ideas, the new mode of operation is different fromtraditional agriculture, forming agricultural tourism (Huawu Brand),agricultural real estate (Hope City), agricultural product processing and foodsafety (Brands of Hope Xing Chu, Hua Wu Ben Chu), agricultural food safetyprotection (Hope Nitui), wisdom agriculture (Nitui Architecture, NituiEquipment), ancient tea tree development, protection (XianYuan Hong ) and otherindustrial layouts, breaking the dual structure, through production The villageis integrated, the city is integrated, the three industries are linked, and thefour parties are in sync, forming an organic unity, using urbanization to driveurbanization, and urbanization to promote industrialization, so that the groupdevelops well and quickly, in order to explore new agriculture in China, thenew rural construction has made positive contributions.

    Agricultural investment

    With the deep understanding accumulated byyears of deep cultivation in agriculture, Tequ Group has made full use of itsadvantages, actively developed the industry of deep integration of agricultureand tourism, and achieved remarkable results - "Based on EcologicalAgriculture, Scientific Development and Integration of Agriculture, Tourism andLand Resources" of the Hua Wu Ren Jian series project, which not onlyhelps the construction of beautiful villages and targeted poverty alleviation,but also effectively promotes the urban and rural ecology. With the economicdevelopment, the brand effect is increasingly prominent. After the projectsestablished with the brand of Hua Wu Ren Jian in Xinjin, Chengdu, Tequ Grouphas also built several demonstration projects in Baotou, Hainan and otherplaces. Hu Wu Ren Jian has become the most beautiful scenic spot in the area,among which Hu Wu Ren Jian in Xinjin, Chengdu, has been rated as "the bestexample of global low carbon scenic spot" and "national AAAA levelscenic spot".

    In addition to the agricultural tourismproject, the Agricultural Investment Department has also actively participatedin urban construction, construction of characteristic towns and construction ofpublic welfare projects, and has achieved good results.

    Trade industry

    The Trade Department of the Tequ Group is atrading platform company that gives full play to the advantages of theprocurement resources of the Tequ Group and provides supplies and services fordomestic and foreign agricultural and livestock enterprises.

    The Trade Department relies on the rapiddevelopment of the Group. In 2017, the total trade volume has exceeded 5 billionYuan. At present, it mainly deals with high-quality feed raw materials, feedadditives, animal protection products, feed machinery and breeding equipment athome and abroad, and has more than 2,000 customers in Southwest China andSoutheast Asia.

    The Trade Department adheres to the corevalues of “integrity, speed, safety and health” and adheres to the business philosophy of “mutual benefit and mutual benefit” to provide high-quality, cost-effectiveresources for all links in the value chain of agriculture and animal husbandry.Work hard; start from the source and make unremitting efforts to providehealthy and quality safe food for human beings.

    The TradeDepartment of Tequ Group is strategically oriented to develop into atrillion-dollar world trade platform for agriculture and animal husbandry, andwelcomes companies and outstanding individuals in the industry to join.

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