Vocational education is one of the major columns which is enabling the economy to developing innovative business models of the future. The demand of highly trained employees is the biggest problems in the world but especially in the fast growing markets like China. The current vocational education system cannot meet the requirement of the industry, neither the quantity nor the quality of qualified graduates can cover the demand.

The German vocational education model is proved to be successful since decades. The IVE program is the main product of i-VOCEDU and is focusing on an vocational education program which is offering the development of highly trained students in the fastest and most efficient way up to the bachelor degree for vocational students. The program is developed based on the German vocational education system and customized to the Chinese market and the high demand of the industry. Finally we want to improve the reputation of students in vocational education. Our mission is to create a successful career path for students in this area.

We create a systematical and innovative career program for all vocations

Career Path

Our Vocational Education model is consisting of several levels which are integrating all learning modules of of the dedicated vocation. We accelerate the education of our students and improve the quality of teaching. In combination with our online learning platform we create a unique system which is bringing-up students to the Bachelor level within three years. Next to the program you get the official Chinese standard vocational education degree. The Bachelor degree is an international valid degree which is an important step in your career path to open the door to higher degrees in the future.

The parallel vocational education system + international Bachelor degree:

What kind of certificates can you achive?

We are providing two certificates for you:

  • a vocational education certificate from the German HWK (the official institute for certificates in vocational education in China)
  • a Bachelor degree provided by a German university
  • Optional German vocational degrees in Germany are possible

How long is the vocational education program lasting?

Depending on the level of certificate the education program is lasting:

  • in total 4 years
  • 2 years for the “Professional Degree”
  • Additional 2 years for the Bachelor degree

How is the learning format during the qualification model?

  • In the first two years we have a full-time model at school combined with internships at companies
  • In the second two years we are usind a blended learning approach. Students working at companies and learning in time blocks at the school and online at home and at work

What kind of learning methods will be used in our vocational education program?

Within the iVocedu education system we are using:

  • Simulation of real market situations
  • Task and Problem-based learning
  • Project work
  • E-Learning

Can I have a Master or Doctor degree?

At the moment we are working on a complete career path for vocational education from the professional to the doctor degree. With our first step, the Bachelor degree, we providing the important precondition to open the door for higher education.

Is my Bachelor degree valid worldwide?

Our Bachelor degree is provided by our partner in Germany (University of applied science in Munich/Germany). The Bachelor degree is valid internationally.