The Personal Qualification and Consulting program is the essential part which is enabling the teacher and all related staff to deliver the qualification program properly. Additional events and consulting supporting the implementation process. We offering professional training from professional trainers with industry experience from Germany and China. We see the qualification of school staff as a key function of our package. To meet the requirements of schools we offer three categories of training to cover all important areas in teaching and organization:

  • Training for school managers (coming soon)
  • training for teachers
  • training for media designers

In all of these categories we provide a package of trainings which building competences in different areas for the dedicated tasks. Every module ends with an assessment center and a gap analyses to be able to make a clear statement of the final outcome of these trainings.

We enable schools to deliver high-end training and school management

Training for Teachers

To enable the teachers for the new age of vocational education we providing a comprehensive program of different modules in different areas. From the professional knowledge to simple and easy measures to deliver a more interactive and lively training to the students. Our trainers have the background from schools and from the industry and know the tricks to make a valuable training. Our certificate is based on the German model of trainer qualification. Our partner, the Handwerkskammer Erfurt, ensures the qualitiy and provides a official recognized certificate at the end:

The Process:

  • Evaluation and gap analyses
  • Training in the class with practical examples
  • Online Learning
  • Coaching on the job
  • Self learning and project work next to the job
  • Assessment center and certification

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Training for Media Design

Media design is not only a part of spezialized people anymore. As a teacher you have to be able to use tools and methods for media design on a certain level too. The tools to develop courses for offline and online training are user friendly and the results can be impressive. To develop more professional media courses you have to have some knowledge and skills which helping to create high quality content.

To help you doing the job we provide the following training together with German partners:

Media Design (2 days)

  • Screen design
  • Graphic design
  • Video and animation development
  • Audio development

Media Didactic (1 day)

  • Basics learning material
  • Learning content and target groups
  • Learning targets and learning range
  • Learning situations and learning motivation

Storyboard Development (1 day)

  • Concept and planning
  • Different formats
  • Process description
  • Media planning

Content Development (3 days)

  • Selection of tools
  • Usage of templates and CI
  • Implementation
  • Quality management

The program is ending with an assessment center and is providing a certificate as a “Media Developer for Education”. All courses will be carried out with a lot of practical sessions and examples.

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