Rich-Media support:

  • Complete E-Media for vocational education according to the German model
  • Access for teachers and students any time and anywhere
  • Question database for preparation of examination
  • Innovative media like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality sessions

We offer You access to systematical and innovative E-Learning

School management and E-Learning are great features to supporting the entire learning process. Our LMS open the online world for you with all advantages and possibilities. Our E-Media content can be used to enrich the classroom training and students can learn at any place and any device with innovative and structured learning content. We offering you an proved Learning Management System developed in cooperation with schools – made for schools. The perfect combination between the proved German vocational education model and the new age internet+ approach can boost your school up to a advanced level.

Core features of our Learning Management System:

  • Easy to use
  • Based on School requirements
  • Responsive Design
  • Supporting B2B, B2C and B2B2C
  • Supporting payment Systems
  • Life-long learning functions
  • School credit bank
  • Teacher evaluation function